Mathias Och is creative by nature.

OCH Design since 1990

Growing up in a famous artist family, Mathias Och is creative by nature.

About Us

Trained as a ceramist Mathias permitted to study in Beaux-arts for sculpture in Zürich and then design at “The Art Centre College of Design”. This was the start of Och design – an industrial office that is breathing life into the concept of its clients.

It’s important for us to form the concept before formalizing the project respecting the hierarchy, which recognizes the performance of the theme.

We subordinate the program in which the character is ephemeral and transient, allied oasis and reason, sensibility and method. We join these essential factors that proceed the activities of the creator: conscience, severity, demand, coherence, pertinence, precision.

Our observations and the insatiable curiosity permits us to approach new domains, to explore and to investigate the field’s research hitherto unknown.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further informations or any request.